WATCH: Seth Rogen And James Corden Deliver Pizza - And Mystery Prizes

Ok, it's thought experiment time.

Let's say you've made a much-needed pizza delivery order. You hear a knock and, mouth watering, you open the door. But instead of your usual delivery guy, late night host James Corden and cannabis icon Seth Rogen are standing on your doorstep. And they have an offer: would you like the pizza you ordered - or the contents a mystery box?

That's the premise of the aptly-titled "Mystery Pizza Box". While you're thinking about what you might do, check out the video below.  


Nowadays, would your parents still be upset if they caught you consuming cannabis? Parents these days have much more progressive opinions on cannabis, and perhaps if they caught their kids consuming, they wouldn't necessarily punish them. While some parents still want their children to wait until the legal age to consume (if they choose to do so, at all), others don't believe it would be the end of the world if they "caught" their kids smoking pot earlier than that.

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