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Seth Rogen Says Dave Chappelle's 'Half Baked' Is The Best Cannabis Comedy

Cannabis culture aficionados often debate what movie deserves the title for best cannabis comedy, but there's no contest for Seth Rogen. The Canadian comedian gives the nod to Half Baked (1998) starring Dave Chappelle - who turns 43 today.

"Growing up smoking weed, you watch Cheech and Chong and stuff like that," Rogen told Bill Simmons earlier this month on Any Given Wednesday. "And for its time, it was amazing. But it did not age incredibly well for our generation. And then I remember seeing 'Half Baked' and being like, 'Wow, this is a movie that really speaks to my weed-smoking sensibilities.'"

Ricky Williams, who was on the show with Rogen, agreed. And the former NFL player turned cannabis advocate shared his favorite moment from the film. "I think Bob Saget put that movie over the top."

"Half Baked" featured the Full House star destroying his wholesome image by playing a drug addict who doesn't believe that marijuana addiction is a real thing. Or, to use his character's words, "Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke. And that's an addiction, man. You ever suck some dick for marijuana?"   

"One of the greatest lines ever in movie history - to this day," Rogen told Simmons.

But Chappelle himself would probably disagree. When he appeared on Inside the Actors Studio in 2006, he revealed the inspiration for the movie and expressed disappointment with the result. "I liked smoking weed so much that I thought I should make a movie about it," Chappelle told host James Lipton. "The script was way better than the movie. That script was dope," he said while winking at the audience. 

Chappelle was similarly coy when promoting the movie. In a 1998 appearance on Late Night with Conan, he announced that he was quitting pot. "I've done it, but I'm quitting," he said when Conan asked about his cannabis use. The comedian explained that he was giving up pot because he didn't like the way his smoking circle was developing.

"I don't know if you've ever smoked reefer, fellas. It's a kind of substance that makes you have friends that you have nothing in common with but reefer. I'm serious. It was getting bad. I mean, I have friends in the Klan. They call me up, 'C'mon jigaboo, we're smoking.' And I'm like, 'Who is this?' But, of course, I go."

Check out the full interview below.


And here's Bob Saget's infamous cameo from "Half Baked."


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