Seth Meyers Translates Donald Trump's Ramblings Into Soundbites Of 'The Dude'

If you ever have trouble understanding what President Donald Trump is ranting about, 'Late Night' host Seth Meyers has a solution. Just translate Trump's ramblings into short soundbites of The Dude (Jeff Bridges) from 'The Big Lebowski' (1998).

For example, here's an excerpt from Trump's recent Time magazine interview regarding the wiretap scandal, Trump recently said, "Devin Nunes had a news conference. I mean I don’t know, I was unable to see it, because I am at meetings, but they just had a news conference talking about surveillance. Now again, it is in quotes. That means surveillance and various other things. And the New York Times had a front-page story, which they actually reduced, they took it, they took it the word wiretapping out of the title, but its first story in the front page of the paper was wiretapping. And a lot of information has just been learned, and a lot of information may be learned over the next coming period of time. We will see what happens. Look. I predicted a lot of things that took a little of bit of time," Trump said.

Meyers says you can basically boil all of that down to...

And rambling isn't the only thing Trump and The Dude have in common, according to Meyers, who did a side-by-side comparison to highlight similarities between the president and the fictional stoner - including their love of white Russians (the drink for Lebowski, and President Vladimir Putin for Trump). Check out the other comparisons in this clip.



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