Seniors Represent A Huge Segment Of The Medical Marijuana Market In Colorado

If you're looking for proof that seniors really are the fastest growing population of cannabis users, look no further than Colorado.

"The response has blown us away," Kate Heckman - a representative with medical marijuana company Stratos - told News On 6. She says the list of aliments seniors are looking to alleviate is vast. "We hear cancer, pain management, memory care, weight management."

One of Stratos' main products is medicinal cannabis pills, which Heckman says is an easy point of entry for many elderly people.

"The pill delivery form is really familiar and it's really accurate and its reproducible in terms of dosing."

For most of these seniors the medical functions are what they're after, not the high.

"I don't wish to be made high. Any higher than I am. I’m high enough," joked 83-year-old Betsy Becker.

Instead, she uses cannabis to ease back pains and sciatica. Others, such as 67-year-old Barbara Raines, primarily use the substance as a sleep aid.

"The thing that's really worked - and a lot of people use it for this - is sleep," Raines said. "I use some every night for that and it’s wonderful."

So who knows, maybe one day we'll all be drinking a cup of cannabis tea when we go visit our grandmothers.

Banner Image: Sean Gallup/Getty Images


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