Senators Debate Retweeting Cardi B Rant

To retweet Cardi B, or not to retweet Cardi B. That was the question that two Democratic senators were asking one another on Twitter this morning, after the pop star posted a video rant about the government shutdown on her Instagram page.

"Trump is now ordering — as in summoning — federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid," the performer said to her 39.8 million followers. "Our country is in a hellhole right now."

Lest you have the urge to dismiss this as simple divisive politics, the rapper clearly did her research.

"I don’t want ya’ll motherfuckers talking about 'oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days,'" she said. "Yeah, bitch! For healthcare, so your grandma can check her blood pressure and y’all bitches can go check your pussies out with no motherfucking problem."

The viral rant struck a chord with senators Brian Schatz and Chris Murphy, who tweeted out that their retweeting fingers were feeling itchy after seeing it, according to Buzzfeed:

Cardi B Retweet v2

They even went so far as to make a pact between them that they would both retweet the clip.

Cardi  B Twitter v2

After some time, even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was waiting with bated breath to see what his co-workers would do.

Cardi Tweet v3
In the end, however, they chickened out:

Cardi B Twitter Tweet v2
We’d make a joke about the Democratic Party here, but their intentions, as usual, were good. They just whiff it on the follow-through. No matter—Cardi speaks for us all.

Images: Twitter

Banner Image: Theo Wargo / Staff


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