Senator Cory Booker Gives Impassioned Speech About President Trump's Language

During an immigration meeting between the Trump administration and key lawmakers, Trump reportedly called Haiti and African nations “shithole countries.” Both parties have confirmed that Trump used the phrase, so senators questioned Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen about the meeting during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday January 16, 2018. During her sworn testimony, Nielsen disputed that Trump used the term “shithole” during the meeting, instead admitting that he used “tough language”, but Senator Cory Booker wasn’t convinced. Booker told Nielsen that he was “seething with anger” after hearing Trump’s comments, “When Oval Office rhetoric sounds like social engineering, we know from human history the dangers of that. Our greatest heroes in this country spoke out about people who have convenient amnesia or who are bystanders. Martin Luther King said, ‘A man dies when he refuses to take a stand.’” Booker took all of his time to speak directly to Nielsen about the dangers of her ignorance, which became a highlight of the hearing.  


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