These Self-Repairing Jackets Might Be Just The Thing For Clumsy People

You don’t need a pair of epic mutton chops to feel like Wolverine anymore – now that a clothing company out of Washington state has come out with a line of self-healing bags and jackets.

Imperial Motion developed the lightweight nylon products, which come with a double-sided coating that lets them reseal and repair themselves from small holes and punctures. To make the magic happen, wearers simply have to rub two fingers over the punctured area for about 10 seconds. The heat and friction brings the material back together seamlessly. 

Of course, not every tear in the Nano Cure Tech fabric is magically fixable – the brand doesn’t recommend taking a knife or scissors to your jacket, for example (which, frankly, you shouldn’t need a recommendation to avoid doing.)   

The superhero-esque jackets are only the beginning, however.

imperial motion rip jacket2

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside – the head of which claims Wolverine was his hero as a kid – are striving to improve the self-repairing technology by applying it to lithium ion batteries. If successful, your clumsy ass could break your phone’s screen over and over again and it would continually repair itself.   

The research team has thus far succeeded in making an artificial muscle, meaning that harnessing Wolverine’s powers might not be totally impossible, after all. In the meantime, you can snag a Wolverine-inspired jacket for $80 - adamantium claws not included. 

h/t Men’s Health


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