Secret Location of Ontario's Cannabis Warehouse Revealed by Angry Union Leader

An angry Ontario union leader has revealed the secret location of the province's cannabis warehouse. 

In a press release sent out on Tuesday, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) President Warren "Smokey" Thomas outed the location of the Ontario government's "privately operated cannabis warehouse," saying the facility is located on Plymouth Drive in Oakville, Ont. and being staffed by a contracted company called Domain Logistics. The facility's location has been closely guarded by the Ontario government, citing security concerns.

Thomas released the information in response to the provincial government calling police to remove union representatives from the premises of the secret warehouse when they visited the location recently. Thomas is adamant that police were called on the OPSEU workers not because of security concerns, but because of more political inclinations.

"Calling in officers from Halton Regional Police to stop OPSEU from talking to these workers is not only a complete waste of police resources, it also violates their right to join a union," Thomas said. "This isn't a security issue. Our staff have a right to be there."

The Ontario government has refused to confirm whether or not the warehouse the OPSEU workers visited was actually the one used to house the government's weed stash.

"Details of the distribution center are undisclosed for security reasons and will not be publicly announced or confirmed," Daffyd Roderick - Director of Communication for Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) - told the Financial Post. "The OCS does not disclose security details as a matter of policy."

Despite this, Thomas said he was "100 percent" sure the location OPSEU reps visited was the OCS warehouse and he is committed to getting the warehouse workers "in the union one way or another."

"For me this is not just about getting more OPSEU members," Thomas said. "There's so much money in the cannabis world and these workers should be paid a living wage, with benefits and a pension."

Director of media relations for Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Simon Jefferies, has said that Thomas' claim that the government called police on OPSEU was "a complete lie." The Halton Regional Police have yet to comment on the matter.


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