Yes, Indeed, Jammies Made Of Seaweed Are Now A Perk For First-Class Passengers

Have you ever stepped on seaweed at the beach and thought , "Boy, would I ever like to have this wrapped around me at an altitude of 40,000 feet"?

If you plan on flying first-class with Emirates anytime soon, that weird dream could soon become a reality.

The Dubai-headquartered airline – known for offering some of the most luxurious first-class experiences in the sky – has just introduced a new perk for first-class passengers: seaweed-infused pyjamas.

The new offering has been described as “the world’s first moisturising lounge wear designed for an airline”, and is intended to keep your skin silky smooth in an atmosphere where it tends to suffer (being trapped in a giant tube with re-circulating air for hours on end will do that to you.)

The jammies are made with something called “Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology”, meaning the fabric was pressed with “billions of capsules” to make it release “naturally-moisturizing sea kelp during movement.”

If seaweed isn’t your idea of cozy sleepwear, Emirates also offers “sheep-skin like” blankets, slippers and eye-masks. Passengers with the funds to sit up front also have access to the onboard “shower spa” and Bulgari amenity kits stuffed with seaweed skincare products.

Who would’ve thought top-of-the-line air travel could find so much inspiration under the sea?

h/t Travel and Leisure.


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