Watch: Seattle Seahawks Players Confuse Dabbing With Dabbing

During a press conference Jan. 14, Seattle Seahawks defensive ends Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett fumbled a question about recreational activities:

"Do either of you guys dab?" a reporter asked.
"That's illegal in Washington," said Bennett.
"It's legal - it's legal in Washington," Avril chimed in.
"Correct," the reporter said. "But I meant the dance move."
"Oh!" both players said with smiles.

The reporter was asking about a dance that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton rocked after a touchdown earlier in the season:

But the Seahawks thought the reporter was asking about the other kind of dabbing:

And while we agree with Ricky Williams and other retired players who want the NFL to liberalize its cannabis laws, letting players break out a rig and puff dabs in the end zone is probably going too far.

Here's the clip from the Seahawks presser:

banner image: Keith Allison / Flickr


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