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The 6 Best Moments From Sean Spicer's Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is back in the spotlight. After laying low since leaving the Trump administration last July, Spicer sat down with Jimmy Kimmel yesterday to discuss his raucous tenure in the West Wing. Here are the 6 best moments from the 20-minute chat. 

1. White House SPCA

Spicer won the studio audience over with his genuine surprise at the warm welcome he got from the crowd. "If I'd known I was gonna get that kind of applause, I would've left [the White House] earlier," Spicer said. Which makes him seem less like a former White House employee and more like a rescue puppy.

2. Where Things Went Wrong

Spicer tried valiantly to dodge the issue, but Kimmel cornered him into reluctantly recognizing that his relationship with the press soured on day one, when he was tasked with misleading the public about the size of the crowds at Trump's inauguration. And he wasn't happy about it since he got roped into making ludicrous statements on the subject.

"I thought I was going in on a Saturday morning to set my office up," Spicer admitted. 

3. He Hasn't Seen Trump Naked

"Why is he so concerned with size?" Kimmel wondered in reference to the Inauguration Day debacle. "Have you ever seen the president naked?"

"I have not," Spicer said with chagrin. Of course we all knew that since his eyes weren't bleeding.

4. His Job Cost Him a Lot of Friends

At one point, Kimmel delved into the toll that Spicer's job took on his personal life. "A lot of these guys - these members of the press were your friends, right?"

"I think were, yeah," Spicer said as an audience member punctuated his comment with an audible "awwww."

But the loathing in the White House briefing room was often mutual. The former press secretary especially detested former friend Jonathan Karl of ABC News, who questioned Spicer's credibility during his first full week on the job.

"When he's asking you this question, are you like, 'You son of a bitch, I've known you for 20 years.'"

"There were a couple other words," Spicer said with a laugh. "But that's the TV version."

5. Google Alarm Clock

Spicer also lost a lot of sleep during his brief tenure as press secretary. He often had to go to bed late or wake up early because of a certain notification on his phone.

"So when the president would tweet, did you have an alert on your phone?"

"Yes," Spicer said in all seriousness. So if you want to get a sense of the hell that he must've lived through, set up your own Google alert for Trump tweets and follow that schedule for a week.

6. Stumping for President Pence

Spicer was clearly trying to boost his former boss' image during the chat, stroking Trump's ego and defending his public persona throughout the interview. But he was left speechless when Kimmel landed his best joke of the chat.

"I think that there is a time where we can start taking down the temperature and getting back to a more constructive and civil dialogue," Spicer said at one point.

"You mean when Mike Pence takes over?" Kimmel wondered.


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