Viral Video Shows Scuba Diver Unaware as Huge Shark Swims Right Into Him

CoastfishTV explores destinations along Australia’s coastline, while also providing the latest fishing news. Andy Sparnon hosts these videos with everyday fishermen in some of their favorite locations, where they also teach fishing tutorials. Some of these videos also include sharks, one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean, which Sparnon and his crew once chased at Wave Break Island. In a more recent video, a shark also made an appearance, although this time Sparnon and his crew weren’t doing the chasing.

While recently enjoying another one of their many fishing adventures, CoasfistTV encountered a great white shark. As one of their scuba divers began to turn around, a great white shark appeared in the distance, swimming directly to the diver. Before the diver could fully turn, the shark attacked, just missing his head thanks to the diver’s quick reaction. The shark would have succeeded in its attack if the diver had reacted slower, but fortunately the shark swam away.


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