Scientists at the University of British Columbia scanned the DNA of cannabis plants and found the genes responsible for its various flavors. Cannabis is typically associated with a skunky, lemony, or earthy smell and taste, and these scientists know why. They found 30 genes that are responsible for these flavor classifications and also play a role in producing natural products in cannabis plants. The scientists hope this study will help take an important step in the legal cannabis industry to develop higher quality and easily reproducible marijuana varieties. Marijuana farmers would then be able to focus on certain genes to produce specific flavor qualities.

The science of marijuana will be interesting to follow as more and more schools and universities see the potential business side of the cannabis industry. Marketing and research firms will realize that a little R&D can turn into millions (if not billions) of dollars if you can put cannabis strains into a more marketable context for consumers. Because at the end of the day, marijuana is medicine. And the medical industry is one of the most lucrative in in the history of business. While some studies predict that medical cannabis will be nearly as big as the recreational industry, it is clear that no matter what happens, the consumer will be better for it. And the more money put into understanding the overall effects and how cannabis is metabolized, the for focused the packaging and marketing it can be. Which will inevitably be win-win for both producers and consumers alike.