Physical reminders of your own mortality got you down?

New research has got your back – or rather, your baldness.

Scientists in the Netherlands may have discovered a way to reverse several symptoms of aging, including hair loss and reduced stamina.

It’s called “peptide therapy”, and it goes after damaged cells that are still metabolically alive but no longer do anything helpful for the body. These kinds of cells grow in number with age, causing numerous health problems and several of the most frustrating symptoms associated with aging. Also check out three myths of cannabis and sex.

The researchers – from Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherland – say peptide therapy kills these cells, thus dramatically reducing or even reversing those pesky symptoms of aging.  

While the peptide therapy hasn’t been tested on humans yet, it did wonders on mice.

"After the peptide was administered, the effects in the mice were dramatic," reads an article published in Science Alert. "Missing fur reappeared, kidney function improved, and the treated animals were able to run twice as far as the untreated control group." 

Here's hoping we aren't all that different from our rodent comrades. 

h/t Men's Health