Scientists Say It May Actually Be Possible to Live Forever

Since the dawn of humanity people have tried to figure out ways to live forever. But according to some scientists, we may already be able to.

A group of scientists recently published a paper claiming that there's actually no natural limit to a human being's lifetime, or at least not one for a very long time. The researchers examined a group of 4,000 "super-elderly" people living in Italy, meaning they are 105-years-old or more.

The scientists noted that as people age, the risk of dying continues to increase. However, once you reach age 105, the risk of dying stops increasing. The scientists said once you hit 105, you basically have a 50/50 chance of reaching your next birthday. Therefore hypothetically since your chances of dying are no longer increasing, you could possibly just continue catching lucky breaks and beating the odds for many years after turning 105. 

This isn't entirely inconsistent with other scientific research. While most researchers and scientists believe that human beings have a natural lifetime limit, others have argued that the evidence that mortality chances increase through your 80's doesn't apply to people who live into their 90's or 100's. 

Of course, all this research also suggests that you have to figure out a way to live into your 90's first. So good luck with that!

(h/t Scientific American)


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