5 Things That Are Scientifically Proven to Be Better While High

You’ll often hear people say that watching movies or listening to music is better while high. And while there is probably a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that may be true, there isn’t any concrete science proving it. But there are some things that are scientifically proven to be better while high.

Here are five things you’ll enjoy more when you’re high:

1. Food

Yes, this might sound weird, but there are actual scientific studies that show that people perceive food to taste better after they’ve used marijuana. Something about how marijuana changes brain chemistry causes this change. But you can actually make a meal more delicious simply by being high.

2. Sleep

Getting high helps you sleep in many different ways. It relaxes your mind so you won’t have thoughts racing through your head keeping you up, and various cannabinoids can have a sedative-like effect to make you sleepy. There are even studies showing marijuana use can help people with sleep apnea issues. However, it can also eliminate dreams, so it’s not 100 percent better.

3. Sex

Similar to the study on food, one scientific study showed that couples who had sex after using marijuana perceived their intercourse to be better than when they were sober. There are also many anecdotal accounts that marijuana can increase the length of orgasms as well.

4. Periods

There are several studies that show that marijuana use can help alleviate pain, which makes it an appealing natural remedy for the sorts of aches and cramps that accompany mensuration. So if your time of the month is always a terror, getting high can help you get through it easier.

5. Life

Life in general is better while high! Or at least life seems less crappy. Multiple studies show that even people who only occasionally use marijuana have less symptoms of depression than people who have never tried marijuana. So literally life seems less bad if you smoke marijuana.


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