Science Has Come Up With Another Reason To Have Sex, Thank God

Good news, dudes: sex is good for your heart in more ways than one.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that having regular sex is good for the male heart because it leads to better circulation and healthier blood vessels, which the researchers say helps prevent build-up of the chemical homocysteine.

While homocysteine occurs naturally in the body and is an important building block of proteins, excess levels can damage blood vessels and heighten your risk of developing blood clots.

The researchers point out that women benefit less because their sexual arousal is less dependent on a healthy blood flow, which is a critical factor in managing proper homocysteine levels.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers from the National Defence Medical Center in Taiwan monitored more than 2,000 men and women between the ages of 20 and 59. They examined blood samples to monitor levels of homocysteine and then matched up the results with participants’ sexual activity. 

The lowest amounts of the chemical were found in men who reported having sex at least twice a week, while the highest amount was found in those who had sex less than once a month. In women, there was so remarkable difference.

"This is the first study of its kind to evaluate the correlation between sexual frequency and homocysteine levels... A good quality sex life, frequent sex and libido are all related to health in the middle-aged and elderly,” reads the report.

"Increased sexual frequency could have a protective effect on general health and quality of life - especially in men - so doctors should support patients' sexual activity.”

h/t The Telegraph


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