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Schwag Makes a Comeback

Schwag is making a come back. As baby boomers and those raised on brick weed from south of the border re-enter the recreational market, they want to replicate their past ganja-glory without getting so stoned they end up in the ER with a panic attack. At MedMen,  the answer to all those seeking the same is now on shelves. MedMen now sells 70’s style schwag for $75 an ounce or $25 an eighth. And the budtender told me it was flying off the shelves. The high THC buds and concentrates that are currently popular are simply too strong for the older recreational user.

In 1970, your average weed strain had 1% THC. If you were lucky and got your hands on some Jamaican Sensimilla, maybe 12-14%. That’s why they’re always smoking like 50 joints in any period piece movie about the groovy 70’s.  “We can’t keep the stuff in stock,” laughed the budtender, right before an aging hippie asked for the, “shareable classic flowers.”

I was recently at my niece’s Bat Mitzvah and the party had a Keeping up With The Kardashians theme which made me want to run into traffic and get hit by a bus. It was so bad, that although it was mid-February in Chicago, a group of my sister’s friends, plus my Aunt Ruth, wanted to sneak outside for a smoke. The catch: no one in this group (aside from myself) had smoked in over a decade. And the last time they did, it was for sure 1% THC brick weed.

So I had a pre-roll of Alaskan Thunderfuck (52% pure) and let Aunt Ruth do the honors. Which resulted in a wild coughing fit and tears running down her face for the next 11 minutes.

“Oh man is she fucked,” I thought. But that’s not a good enough description. She was catatonic. In fact they all were. These young doctors and lawyers, pillars of the community, were blasted out of their mind at a Kardashian themed Bat Mitzvah.

Oops my bad. This was before my dosage education.

Back inside the Bat Mitzvah my sister cornered me and asked what I gave them because she hadn’t seen most of her friends that destroyed in years. So I quickly explained the brick weed THC vs current THC levels to my sister who was trying really hard not to laugh. The other spouses wanted to kill me.



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