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These Are The Scariest Places In America's Legal States

This Halloween, you could get your spooks in with a bonafide binge of freaky flicks in the safety of your living room, or you could experience the real deal. For the die-hard horror fan, Civilized has rounded up 11 of the most haunted places on record in recreationally legal states. Visit if you dare. 

1. Kuhn Cinema, Lebanon, Oregon

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Jasperdo /

This 1932 theatre is said to be haunted by a young girl in a white dress, who long ago fell from the theatre’s balcony to her death. Visitors and staffers at this theatre have reported seeing doors open and close by themselves and hearing the girl’s laughter through the halls.

 2. Mount Baker Theater, Bellingham, Washington

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Jasperdo /

This theatre first opened in 1927, and has since been plagued by inexplicable noises, specters and freezing cold corridors – particularly when audience members are leaving. Cold breezes, balls of light and a strange voice calling out people’s names have also been reported here.

3. Rucker Mansion, Everett, Washington

Everett Rucker Mansion 01

The Rucker family built their fortune and lived in this mansion while helping establish the city of Everett. The Rucker matriarch is said to haunt its halls after leaping from the bedroom window to her death, and people say they’ve heard her spirit playing the piano.

4. Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado

1200px 2007 05 04 Brown Palace Hotel

Brown Palace Interior and Atrium,

Since opening its doors in 1892, the second longest running hotel in Denver has played host to strange phone calls from empty rooms, spectral voices when no one is around, and even the occasional sighting of an old train conductor. 

5. Imperial Hotel, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Cripple Creek Colorado 1957 Kodachrome by Chalmers Butterfield

Downtown Cripple Creek, Colorado, 1957,

Former hotel owner George Long (suspiciously) met his demise after falling down a flight of stairs. These days, he can reportedly be seen grabbing women and playing the slots at his old hotel. 

6. Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage, Alaska

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Rick Webb /

The women’s washroom at this hotel is said to host the apparition of a woman in a white dress, rumored to be a guest who died by suicide at the hotel many years ago. Witnesses also report seeing the door open and close and the lights flicker on and off.

7. The Motherlode Lodge, Palmer, Alaska

Screen Shot 2016 10 25 at 11.36.25 AM

This lodge is said to be home to several spirits, including a foggy black apparition that moves across the grounds and a figure cloaked in black that can be seen in the reflections of mirrors. 

8. The Geiser Grand Hotel, Baker City, Oregon

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2nd Floor view, Geiser Grand Hotel, Roadsidepictures /

Employees at this 1889 luxury hotel have reported hearing laughter, chatter and the clinking of glasses in vacant rooms. A woman known as “The Lady in Blue” is said to spend most of her time in Room 302, where she once lived, but she can also be caught pinching male patrons’ rears if they sit at her stool in the hotel saloon. 

9. Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon

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Joe Fruechtel /

This 16,000 square-foot mansion was built by Henry and Georgiana Pittock, and remained the family home until 1964, at which time it was converted into a historical museum. Today, there are stories of visitors capturing photos of a strange woman in the reflections of mirrors. There are also reports of furniture moving, as well as windows closing and locking. 

10. Molly Brown House, Denver, Colorado

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Ken Lund /

Staffers at this Denver landmark have reportedly seen dark shadows snaking around rooms, heard piano keys thrumming on their own, and smelled fresh cigar smoke in the air – which makes sense, since Mr. Brown was a devoted smoker and reportedly still haunts the place.

11. The White House B&B, Skagway, Alaska

Screen Shot 2016 10 25 at 11.43.46 AM

This bed and breakfast used to be a hospital and daycare, which might explain why witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly young woman at the foot of guests’ beds or confronting children.

h/t Only In Your State, That Oregon Life 

Banner image: Pittock Mansion, Portland Oregon (Joe Fruechtel /


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