Saskatoon Activists Handed Out Warm Socks and Cannabis to Those in Need

In an effort to spread some holiday cheer, Saskatchewan resident Sterling Wild spent Friday handing out socks and hand rolled joints in Saskatoon.

"I'm just a simple man, trying to doing simple things and bring our community together," said Wild, a medical cannabis activist who lead the event told CBC.

Wild and the other volunteers set up shop near Saskatoon's Friendship Inn—a facility that offers free meals to those in need—before heading down towards the Lighthouse Supported Living emergency shelter.

"It's not the giving part that's important, it's the interaction between each human that is important," said Wild.

Wild said the socks came from the local Cabela's who offered him a discount on the purchase. The cannabis however, was his own grow.

"Clean, good old-fashioned cannabis. No sprays, no chemicals—just a lot of love."

The group handing out the goods on Friday comprised of people from all ages, something Wild believed was just as important as the act itself.

"I have my own children here," he noted. "I want them to understand cannabis is just like socks, there's no difference between them. There's nothing wrong with it."

All told Wild says they distributed 156 pairs of winter socks and 480 joints over the course of the day.


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