Twitter Reacts To Sarah Silverman's Latest Iffy Political Statement

In an Oct. 4 tweet, comedian Sarah Silverman endorsed Thomas Mulcair, the New Democratic Party leader currently trying to unseat Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Canada's upcoming federal election.

In the process, she may have become an electoral vigilante.

The CBC's Lien Yeung writes, "Silverman's tweet seems innocent enough, but it could possibly be illegal. Foreigners are not allowed to encourage electors to vote for a particular candidate during an election period."

The "Wreck-It Ralph" star technically broke Section 311 of the Canada Elections Act.

Will Silverman be extradited to Ottawa for electoral espionage? Not likely. According to the Huffington Post's Ron Nurwisah, that particular section of Canadian electoral law is rarely enforced.

But the court of public opinion isn't limited to any national jurisdictions, so let's see how Twitter reacted to this crime of political passion. The verdicts included...

Supporting Silverman's support for Mulcair

Opposing her remark politely (the Canadian way)

Suggesting Gretzky should be locked up

Launching the Silverman 2016 Presidential Campaign

Annexing her citizenship

Questioning her political cred

Offering rebuttals

Feeling Flattered

Some are getting paid to have a say, so she should too

Pitying her devotion to political underdogs

Accusing Mulcair of being Harper's clone

Skewing the endorsement as pro-Harper

Disguising potshots as praise

Steering the conversation toward other contentious issues (?)

(Is that even up for debate?!)

What do you think of Silverman's endorsement? Tell us: @civilized_life

h/t CBC, Huffington Post


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