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Are Palin And Trump The Ideal Pro-Pot Republican Ticket?

Most sensible progressives (or most people, for that matter) rightly fear Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. And the idea of them running together on the same ticket is a scary prospect, or at least good for a few laughs:

But you know, it could be the ideal pro-pot Republican ticket for the White House. And though Trump didn't say Palin would be his running mate when she endorsed his candidacy for president, it's certainly fun to muse about the possibility and what it could mean for the legalization movement.

In the last 25 years, Trump has been all over the place about his views on legalization. But most recently he has said he supports medical marijuana, and would let states decide if recreational marijuana should be legal - though he does say he's not sure it's such a good idea.

"In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state," he told supporters at a political rally in Reno last October.

Sarah Palin also takes a fairly progressive approach to legalization. She doesn't smoke marijuana herself, but doesn't have a big problem with others doing it.

"I grew up in Alaska when pot was legal anyway. It was absolutely no big deal," Palin told radio host Hugh Hewitt last fall.

That said, Palin doesn't think it's a pressing national issue.

"I look on the national scene and think, 'Wow'. Of all things to be fighting over and battling over, especially when it comes to medical marijuana. I think, 'it's just not my baby.' "

So there you have it: a potential pro-pot, or maybe just okay-with-pot Republican ticket.

I don't want this to actually happen, mind you. But one can't help musing about the idea, and being amused by it. I too hope she's on SNL this weekend.

banner image: Alex Hanson / Flickr


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