Watch: Samantha Bee Explains Why The New War On Drugs Will Fail

The Trump administration's reboot of the War on Drugs is doomed to fail - just like it did when Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and the second Bush tried to combat drug use by jailing consumers and dealers. America's drug war is a great way to overcrowd prisons and waste billions of tax dollars. When it comes to reducing the number of Americans abusing hard drugs like opioids, legalizing marijuana is arguably much more effective than prohibition.

Here's why, according to comedian Samantha Bee.


When marijuana edibles hit Canadian cannabis dispensary shelves later this year, you can expect them to be taxed based on how strong they are. Canada's recently released federal 2020 budget proposes to tax marijuana edibles based on the amount of THC they contain. THC is one of the active ingredients in cannabis and the one most associated with producing the plant's signature high.

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