Samantha Bee Says The Media Is Biased...In Trump's Favor

For weeks now, Republican nominee Donald Trump has been claiming that the media is biased against him.

And comedian Samantha Bee agrees - sorta. The former Daily Show correspondent - who turns 47 today - says that the media are biased - but in Trump's favor.

On the latest episode of her TBS show Full Frontal, Bee argued that Trump's shenanigans have actually tilted media bias in his favor. For evidence, she pointed to coverage of the third presidential debate. News outlets like CNN and MSNBC praised Trump for staying relatively composed compared to his performance in other debates.

But Bee called BS on their kudos. 

"[O]nly kindergarteners get credit for using their inside voices," she said. "Our media are so punch-drunk from the 16-month Hindenburg explosion of Trump's candidacy, they no longer notice how awful he is unless he hulks out on stage or grabs the foundational principals of our republic by the pussy."

She also had tough words for conservatives that are outraged by Trump. Many Republican politicians and voters criticized The Donald for refusing to say he would concede the election if Hillary Clinton won. But Bee says they're hypocrites.

"Looking at the results of a democratic election and saying 'Fuck that!' has been official Republican policy for at least eight years," Bee said, noting the U.S. Senate's refusal to hold hearings on President Obama's Supreme Court appointee Merrick Garland. And that's just one case of the Republican dominated Congress obstructing the Obama Administration.

For more of Bee's election coverage, check out the video below.


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