Sacha Baron Cohen Sketch Prompts Resignation Of Georgia Lawmaker

Who would've thought that chasing a man with your ass out and repeatedly shouting the n-word on cable television would be considered so unprofessional?

Yesterday, Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer (R) resigned from his position after being the literal butt of the joke in a segment that aired during Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial new Showtime program ‘Who is America?’.

In the clip, Cohen, dressed as an Israeli military expert, encourages Spencer to practice several "defense techniques" for what he believed to be a counterterrorism video. Some of these tactics included sneaking selfie-sticks under burqas to expose disguised militants and running at potential homophobic attackers with exposed buttocks.

Spencer had initially refused to resign amidst mounting public pressure, but he finally relented after some politicians were calling for a special session to oust him.

Last week, Spencer told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Cohen had "exploited [his] state of mind for profit and notoriety," and threatened to pursue legal action.

Prior to the segment airing, Spencer had been criticized for his legislative proposal to ban women from wearing burqas on public property, which many perceived as racist. He also came under fire last year after warning a former black state legislator that she met with something "a lot more definitive" than torches if she continued to advocate for the removal of Confederate statues.

Many believe that this clip adds credence to the accusations of racism leveled against Spencer, and, after watching it, it’s difficult to disagree.

You can watch the full, uncut video below. Just a heads up, there’s some mild nudity and several, loudly-shouted racial slurs. So, if you’re at work, you might want to put on some headphones.


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