Did Marijuana Help Ryan Reynolds Become A Star On The Big Screen?

Ryan Reynolds has become one of today's biggest stars thanks to his portrayal of the "merc with a mouth" Wade Wilson in Deadpool (2016). But not too long ago the Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (1998-2001) actor was struggling to make the transition from the small to the big screen. And marijuana may have helped him get a foothold in Hollywood.

No, we're not saying that pot made him a better actor. But Wesley Snipes' penchant for pot and temper tantrums helped Reynolds get into the spotlight at a pivotal time in the Canadian actor's career. 

When filming Blade: Trinity (2004), Snipes -- who turns 54 today -- had a few disagreements with the production crew. For instance, Snipes thought director David S. Goyer looked better with a crushed throat, but Goyer preferred being able to breathe. Seriously, Snipes tried to strangle Goyer once on set, according to comedian and "Blade: Trinity" castmate Patton Oswalt. 

For the rest of the shoot, Snipes stayed in his trailer, smoking pot between making rare appearances on set to film reaction shots as the film's titular vampire slayer. As a result, Reynolds reaped more screen time.

"A lot of the lines that Ryan Reynolds has were just a result of Wesley not being there," Oswalt told A.V. Club in 2012. "We would all just think of things for him to say and then cut to Wesley’s face not doing anything because that’s all we could get from him. It was kind of funny. We were like, 'What are the worst jokes and puns that we can say to this guy?' And then it would just be [Snipes'] face going, 'Mmm.'"

And those jokes undoubtedly helped cement Reynolds' his image as a comedian/action star. Here's a sampling of his improvisations in the final "Blade" instalment.

Banner Image: Ryan Reynolds attends the 'Woman in Gold' premiere during the 65th Berlinale International Film Festival in 2015. (taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.com)


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