Ryan Reynolds To Produce Stoner Take On ‘Home Alone’

Twentieth Century Fox has announced that they have tapped Ryan Reynolds to help produce 'Stoned Alone,' a spiritual successor to ‘Home Alone,’ the beloved holiday film penned by John Hughes.

According to Deadline, The film will center around a “twenty-something weed-growing loser who misses the plane for his holiday trip,” and subsequently is the victim of a break-in at his home. Following the lead of the 1990 Christmas classic, this “loser” must get creative in order to defend his home.

Naturally, after the major success of the 'Deadpool' movies, Reynolds’ involvement suggests that the comedy will be slapped with a 'hard R' rating, meaning those wacky, Rube Golberg-esque contraptions from the first movie might finally draw some blood.

The project, still in early development, is set to be helmed by 'Never Goin’ Back' director Augustine Frizzell based on a script written by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider from an idea by a Fox executive looking to tap the stoner market (because that’s how movies are made, kids).

Hey, if the movie takes off, it could be the start of a real trend of stoner-based remakes of John Hughes movies. ‘The Bakefest Club’? ‘Sixteen Joints’? ‘Pretty in Dank’? We’re just spitballing, here. DM us, Hollywood.

Banner Image: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images


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