The Russian government recently conducted military exercises involving some of their helicopters. But what was intended to be a demonstration of their military might turned into a debacle as a helicopter accidentally fired off its rockets and nearly killed some civilians.

The Russian military was conducting exercises known as "West 2017," where they demonstrate their might to intimidate NATO countries. During the exercise, a group of bystanders were nearly killed when a helicopter shot off its missiles and destroyed a truck in a parking lot, as can be seen in the video above.

According to the Russians, the helicopter's automated targeting system locked onto the truck by mistake and fired the missile. Their government acknowledges that the missile strike occurred, but that no one died from the accident.

This is actually not the first mistake the Russians have made during their military exercises. Previously, a solider was killed by a tank shell that ricocheted off its target during a drill.

So these strikes are less likely to cause fear in NATO eyes, as opposed to bewilderment at the sheer incompetence of the Russian military.