Russell Simmons Celebrates 60 with Cannabis

Russell Simmons is an entrepreneur, producer, and author known for founding the hip-hop music label Def Jam Recordings. In 1977, after hearing Charles Gallery perform, Simmons knew he would work in hip hop, “"Hearing Cheeba in '77 made me feel like I had just witnessed the invention of the wheel.” Shortly after, Simmons founded Def Jam in 1983 with Rick Rubin, and they released their first single for T La Rock & Jazzy Jay’s “It’s Yours”, then LL Cool J’s “I Need a Beat”, which lead them to a deal with CBS Records the following year. Now Def Jam is currently home to Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Big Sean, Alessia Cara and 2 Chainz, among other musicians under the new leadership of Paul Rosenberg.

Now, Simmons just celebrated his 60th birthday, where he had a number of cannabis companies sponsor the party. These cannabis guests included Humboldt, Med Men, and Papa & Barkley tinctures among other brands. When asked about his cannabis use, Simmons certainly supports the industry, “Students love, you know the CBD oils, and I sleep because of CBD oil. CBD oil with a little bit of THC, lights out. It’s fantastic for me. Good rest is very important right, I sleep like a baby because of it.” So we’d like to wish you a very happy birthday, Russell Simmons.   


With the end of the spring legislative session just days away, New York lawmakers are making one final push towards legalizing cannabis in the Empire State. The hope is to vote on legalization this Wednesday. There have been a lot of ups and down for Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and his fight to legalize recreational cannabis in New York.

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