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Olympian Ross Rebagliati: 'The Idea That There's A Difference Between Medical And Recreational Pot Is Bullshit'

Polls show that Americans and Canadians tend to support medical marijuana more than recreational cannabis use. But there's no difference between the two according to Ross Rebagliati, the former Olympic snowboarder who now runs his own cannabis brand - Ross' Gold. 

"If you want to call it recreational, go ahead. But to me, it's mental wellness," the Canadian athlete - who became one of the first Olympians to come out of the cannabis closet - told Civilized recently. "There's no difference between recreational use and medical use. It's all medicinal. The whole idea that there's a difference between medical and recreational pot is just a bunch of bullshit."

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He elaborated by drawing comparisons to nutritious foods that double as tasty snacks.

"If I eat a banana, is that a recreational banana? Are you eating it because it's good for you or for recreational purposes? Well, if you're eating it for recreation, it's still fucking good for you."

He added that the only real difference between the two involves the regulations around how they're grown. Unlike the average consumer, medical cannabis patients need a product cultivated in sterile conditions in case they have compromised immune systems.

"It's just the environments that they're grown in," he explained. "And I agree - a hospital that's caring for people that are susceptible to infection should be getting their weed from somewhere like that. And in my opinion, it should be hospitals growing their own weed in facilities that meet their standards and not leaving it up to corporate guys who have no idea about weed."


But he doesn't think the average consumer needs all those regulations. That's why he's calling on the Canadian government to allow craft cannabis growers take part in the recreational cannabis market when Canada legalizes adult use next year. For more on Rebagliati's involvement in the craft movement, click here.


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