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Rosette Luve Talks Cannabis, Wearing A Weed Dress To The Much Music Video Awards: Cannabis Is ‘Changing The World Of Medicine’

A few weeks ago, Canadian music artist Rosette Luve, best known for her 2012 hit single “Amnesia,” released in collaboration with Ian Carey, showed up at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, or MMVAs, wearing a cannabis-themed dress that famed designer Jason Matlo created for Weekend Unlimited, a Vancouver-based cannabis brand.

As the company explained, the “smoking hot” dress was specially designed to celebrate Canada’s imminent legalization next October. At the time, Matlo said that this design allowed him to merge his background in and love of couture “with a young, high style street look.”

Interested in what motivated Rosette to go for this dress, overtly expressing her love for weed, Civilized set up a date with the singer and songwriter who appeared in the 2005 TV movie “Reefer Madness” and asked her all about it.

Rosette told us her love of cannabis was born a few years ago. “I was having extreme joint pain from overexertion from working out, rehearsals for shows and stress, so I started taking CBD oil every day,” she said. “All the health benefits that come with CBD oil have really helped my body get back to where it needs to be – especially being in the industry I’m in.”

Rosette says cannabis has also helped her deal with depression and mood swings, as well as brought “many other amazing benefits” without the negative effects and addictive potential of prescription pills.

The ‘Smoking Hot’ Dress

Next up, we inquired about the pop-artsy dress Rosette wore for the MMVAs: Why did you choose to wear a cannabis dress to the awards? Why now?

For the musician, it was all about education. “People think that cannabis is bad for you, when it’s not,” she said. “It’s changing the world of medicine: it is an anti-oxidant pain reliever for most cancer patients; it helps people with arthritis; all the way to depression, anxiety, muscle and joint pain; it relaxes you if you have insomnia, it helps you sleep…

“Certain strains could also help you become creative,” she added. “I can’t believe that in some parts of America it is still a Schedule I drug. Cannabis is not a gateway drug at all, by any means. I think when people research the right info in regards to cannabis, they see it’s less destructive then alcohol. Plus I don’t ever recall a fight ever happening when passing a joint around a circle – but I can’t say the same when it’s a bottle we’re passing around. The most anyone would argue over is the last slice of pizza.

”But, how does weed fit into a glamorous lifestyle like Rosette’s?

Well, for her, it’s not about being glamorous or not; cannabis use is a lifestyle choice for her. “I feel it can fit anyone’s lifestyle. It’s about living life, enjoying the moments, heightening emotions of love, laughter and even, sometimes, sadness,” she said. “Cannabis is about learning about oneself, growing to be a better (or the best) version of you.

“Too much of anything is bad for you. But the right amount is all you need to enjoy even the simplest things in life.”

Stoner Talk

As the conversation progressed, we got a little off topic, no longer discussing fashion or music. We discussed general pot topics instead.

One of our questions brought up the hypothetical situation of Rosette sitting down with Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions and explaining why they should follow Canada’s example and legalize cannabis. What would you say? – we asked.

“Make American great again… By legalizing Mary Jane. You’ll save green by going green,” she suggested. “Legalization can boost your economy, create jobs…”

By means of conclusion, we asked Rosette to share a cannabis-related quote she really likes. Unsurprisingly, she went for one by the King of Cannabis – no, not Marc Emery, but Bob Marley. “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” No need for explanations.

Keep up to date with Rosette’s weed-fueled adventures on Instragram @RosetteLuve.


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