Ron Perlman, From 'Son Of Anarchy' To Bankroller For 'Kid Cannabis'

While starring in the FX channel's "Sons of Anarchy" (2008-2014), Ron Perlman - who turns 66 today - was best known for fighting to keep drug dealers out of his gang's turf in a fictional California town. But in 2014, Perlman played the polar opposite of biker Clay Morrow by portraying Barry Lerner, a drug kingpin in "Kid Cannabis" (2014).

The biographical crime dramedy tells the story of Nate Norman, an 18-year-old dropout from Idaho who couldn't even spell "marijuana", according to his former girlfriend. Yet he managed to go from selling the occasional dimebag to building a multimillion-dollar smuggling ring that imported marijuana from British Columbia to eager customers in America. Along the way, they added to the growing lore of B.C. Bud.

The film captures both the hijinks and the horrors of an operation that went from bumbling teenagers bushwhacking through the sprawling wilderness along the porous international border, to a seasoned troop of drug runners who forced police to take them seriously when their operation became deadly. And if you ever though of moonlighting in the black market for marijuana, Ron Perlman's performance will scare you straight.

"This is a second mortgage on your life," Perlman's Lerner warns "Kid Cannabis" before bankrolling his operation. Check out the full scene below.

h/t Rolling Stone


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