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Ron Paul To Jeff Sessions: 'The War On Drugs Is Un-American'

The War on Drugs isn't just bad for America, it's simply un-American, according to Ron Paul, the former Texas senator and presidential candidate who is calling out Attorney General Jeff Sessions for opening the door to a nationwide crackdown on marijuana.

Although 8 states have legalized recreational cannabis and another 28 allow medical marijuana, Sessions has recently authorized US Attorneys to enforce federal cannabis prohibition from coast to coast, trampling the rights of states in their wake. That's why Paul is calling on President Trump to fire Sessions for his un-American policy.

"[Sessions] represents something that is so un-American, as far as I'm concerned," Paul told CNN last weekend. "The War on Drugs is a war on liberty...Jeff Sessions is not a civil libertarian at all. And the War on Drugs is a totally illegal system...It's unconstitutional. It is an excuse to violate civil liberties wholesale, and Jeff Sessions has been one of the worst [violators]."

Paul added that the drug war is hypocritical given the slew of riskier behaviors that are legal in the country, from reading dangerous ideas to eating unhealthy food. He also said the American people have long struggled with anxiety over civil liberties, but they need to trust that legalizing marijuana won't lead to a nation full of potheads.

"People should have the right or the responsibility of dealing with what's dangerous," he said. "Once you get into this thing about government's gonna protect us against ourselves, there is no protection of liberty. People are frightened of liberty. They always want it to be taken care of. But just because you legalize something doesn't mean everyone's gonna do it."

Check out his full remarks in this clip.



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