Ron Paul Calls for Jeff Sessions to Resign

Many Republicans have spoken out in recent weeks to denounce Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recent changes to the Department of Justice's marijuana policies. But while many have criticized him, few have demanded he be removed from his job. Until now.

Former Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul called for Sessions to resign in a recent appearance on CNN. In the interview, Paul said, "He represents something that is so un-American as far as I'm concerned. The war on drugs, to me, is a war on liberty."

It's probably not too surprising that Paul would come out so strongly against Sessions. Paul is known to be one of the most libertarian-leaning Republicans, and has not only called for the legalization of marijuana but for all drugs as well. He's basically the ideological opposite of Sessions, when it comes to marijuana at least.

Of course, Paul is no longer a representative in Congress and has strayed from the GOP on a number of issues. In both 2012 and 2016, he refused to endorse the Republican nominee for president, which probably means he's less of a "libertarian-leaning Republican" as much as just a regular libertarian. 

Surprisingly, Ron's son Rand Paul, a senator from Kentucky, has not been more outspoken on Sessions' recent policy changes. The younger Paul seemed to be trying to carve an identity to appeal to libertarian-leaning Republicans the last few years, but hasn't been at the forefront of the recent marijuana debate.

Can we please get Paul to run for Congress again this year?

(h/t Washington Examiner)


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