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6 Do's And Don'ts For A "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Screening

If you're the sort of "sweet transvestite" that likes to dump rice all over your neighbor's wig during a Halloween screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, there's a reason why all the Janets and Brads are scowling at you.

It's a major faux pas to throw rice at the audience instead of into the air during the wedding scene.

Here are a few other suggestions to make your "Rocky Horror" experience fun for everyone.

Educate yourself

If you're a newbie, don't show up unprepared and pester everyone with questions about what to do during the screening. There are plenty of online resources offering crash courses in the cult classic, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Leave the red carpet trash-talk to Joan Rivers impersonators

Is Columbia's hat not sparkly enough? Is Magenta's apron tied improperly? Are Rocky's shorts too long? KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

The point of the midnight screenings is to have fun, so don't hate on people for not reproducing their characters precisely.

Check costume envy at the door

Don't get into a tiff with everyone else who went as Riff Raff because you wanted to be the only one there dressed as Frank-N-Furter's handyman. Remember: you went to the screening to mingle with your fellow fans, not to upstage them.

Pace yourself on the pre-party celebration

A lot of people enjoy a joint before heading out for the midnight screening, but don't overdo it or else your pelvic thrusts might throw everyone else's time-warp out of synch.

Don't forget your newspaper

Patrons shouldn't go overboard and drench each other when squeezing squirt bottles during the rainstorm onscreen. But if you don't bring a newspaper like everyone else, you're asking for a downpour. Consider making a checklist of the props you'll need for the event.

Do venue-specific research

Not all theatres use the same rules. Some, for instance, use bubbles instead of rice during the wedding scene as grains can cause participants to lose their balance in their high heels. Respect the rules so that you don't end up getting blasted with an "anti-matter laser."

Oh, and at the very least watch the trailer beforehand if you haven't even seen the film before:


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