Early Sunday morning, a Rochester man was arrested after he refused to pay his cab fare. Not because he didn't pay the driver, but because he left a duffel bag of cannabis in the car.

The Yellow Cab company placed a call to Rochester police after 33-year-old Derik Webster took off - without paying the $20 fare for his cab ride. What would have been a relatively routine incident took a big turn when Webster called the cab company back a short while after. Webster told the phone operator that he had left a bag in the car, and asked if they could drop it off at the same address he had been taken to when he bailed on his fare.

The Yellow Cab then placed a second call to the police, this time because they had found cannabis in Webster's forgotten duffel bag. A police officer rode in the cab back to the address Webster had requested and arrested the man when he came out to collect his bag.

Webster now faces possession and theft charges.

Pay your cabbies, people.