Rob Schneider Reveals The Origins Of The 'You Put Your Weed In There' Guy

Love him or hate him, there's not denying that comedian Rob Schneider was skilled at developing 'Saturday Night Live' characters with catchy one liners—like "making copies" and, of course, "you put your weed in there."

That last one was the catchphrase of the unnamed hippie working at the fictional Out of Africa store for "primitive art" (and that wouldn't be the only culturally insensitive moment in his acting career). In every sketch at the shop, Schneider would give customers a lengthy description of each collectable's origin. Then shoppers asked what to do with it, he'd inevitably say, "You put your weed in there." Repeatedly. To every customer in the store.

It sounds like the kind of thing you'd think up while trying to fill time during an SNL episode. But Schneider says the character was inspired by his brother and a day-trip with a former girlfriend in Rochester, New York, where he spotted an African antiquities store.

"Everything was drums, and little shells and little drawers," he told GQ recently. "Everything in there is like something where my brother would hide his weed. So I went up to the lady [working at the store], and took a drum and I was like, 'Where's the weed go in here? Huh? You know, right?' And she just looked at me like I was a crazy person."

The SNL alumnus also told GQ about the origins of Deuce Bigalow, Ula from '50 First Dates' and Townie from 'The Warboy'—a.k.a. the guy who keeps saying "You can do it," which ruined Schneider's life.

"Two weeks before the movie opened, [Adam Sandler] called me...and he said, 'Robbie, in two weeks, you're not going to be able to go anywhere without hearing 'you can do it!' It's been 20 years now, still happening."


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