A Young, Geeky Rob Lowe Once Bought A 'Star Trek' Marijuana Pipe To Fit In At School

Actor Rob Lowe - who turns 53 today - became an instant teen heartthrob after making his film debut back in 1983 as Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders. But before becoming the handsomest member of the Brat Pack, a young and geeky Lowe tried to fit in at school by buying a 'Star Trek' pot pipe and pretending to be a stoner.

“In 1976, every 7th grader smoked weed like Bob Marley, so I tried to fit in,” Lowe told Access Hollywood in 2014. “So I bought a little pipe because it looked like a ‘Star Trek’ phaser, then I used it more as a phaser, because I never did pot – that was never my thing."

Lowe's 2014 memoir Love Life offers even more details about his stoner schtick. 

"At the record shop, standing in front of the glass case containing the various dope-smoking accoutrements, I decided on a tiny, pocket-sized wooden pot pipe, mostly because it looked like one of Captain Kirk's phasers from Star Trek," Lowe wrote. "And in truth, over the coming weeks I got more use out of it as a toy, running through the sage-scented gullies and swales of the Malibu hills pretending to be shooting Klingons, than I did using it for its intended purpose. Because my dark secret was that I hated pot."  

He also found the pipe useful for developing his craft as an actor.

"My 'prop' pipe did the trick and I didn't have to smoke at the bus stop in the morning to be cool. I would pull it out of my pocket and brandish it like I was Bob Marley, and eventually the other kids would be too stoned to notice that I never actually used it. I suppose it was an early bit of acting on my part, and it got results; presenting a façade would become a tool I would use to cope with the necessity of 'fitting in' (to poor effect) up until my midtwenties."

And it probably helped him get into character as the poser Benjamin from the stoner comedy Wayne's World


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