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You Will Be Judged By The Road Salt On Your Shoes. Here's How To Get It Off

It's something overlooked by many men today, but some people still believe "you can tell a man by his shoes." "A scuffed shoe denoted a chap of chaotic domestic habits, probably best avoided," wrote Jemima Lewis, recounting her grandmother's viewpoint. "A well-worn but highly polished brogue, on the other hand, suggested a man both professional and practical, able to take care of the things he loved."

Not sure if Jemima's grandmother thought much about road salt, but it does much damage to a nice pair of shoes. Unbelievably, it's still winter in some parts of the world - and as we near the end of these snowy, slushy, dark times, it's time to rectify the damage doled out to your favourite footwear.

Road salt can wreak havoc on suave suede boots or gorgeous, supple leather wingtips: but happily, there's a simple strategy for making them look as good as new again.

All you need is a little white vinegar, water, and a cotton cloth - as well as the foresight to do this now, before they get shoved away for the season.


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