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Here's the Right Way to Consume Cannabis Edibles, According to a Deranged Stock Photo

If you've been eating cannabis edibles with your mouth up till now, you've been doing it all wrong. Or so one stock photographer would have you believe. While looking for the perfect photo of cannabis-infused chocolate recently, our staff stumbled across a horrendously inept portrayal of consuming edibles.

While most of us chew our pot brownies, cookies and gummies, the photographer decided to go for a different approach: snorting ground chocolate through a rolled up bill - like Tony Montana if he had a mound of cocoa powder instead of coke on his desk at the end of 'Scarface.'

GettyImages 961452422 1

We can't let this insanity go without saying a few things. First off, don't try this at home. We hope that goes without saying, but if you're new to cannabis edibles, don't mistake this photo for a tutorial or you'll be sneezing brown mist for hours. And maybe that was the photographer's goal all along. Why shoot this bizarrely inaccurate photo of cannabis edibles unless you were hoping to trick people into thinking that's how it's done?

Then again, if that were the case, who did photographer Evgeny Ivanov think he was fooling? We all (hopefully) know that you eat regular chocolate with your mouth, so why would you do it differently just because a candy bar has a cannabis leaf stamped on it (as in the picture above)? A quick skim of the photographer's portfolio on Getty shows nothing but typical stock photo stuff: cityscapes, sunsets, fields of wheat, people holding oodles of berries for no reason - all standard fare for stock artists. 

So we can only assume that that the poor photographer just doesn't understand how edibles work. And if others like him think that you're supposed to snort cannabis-infused food, then changing perceptions of cannabis is going to be even harder than we thought. But we'll do syrupy nosebleed at a time. 


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