7 Ridiculous Attempts To Smuggle Cannabis Into The United States

With legalization movements gaining steam in Canada, America and Mexico, the days of ridiculous attempts to smuggle cannabis will hopefully be over. Once we have legit marijuana retailers throughout North America, customs officials can focus on more important things than idiotic - yet creative - attempts to smuggle cannabis.

Here's a look back at some of the more ridiculous attempts to sneak marijuana into America.

1. Key Limes

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Last month, drug-sniffing dogs sussed out 4,000 lbs. of cannabis stuffed inside over 34,000 phoney key limes that smugglers were trying to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border via the Pharr International Bridge -- a hotspot for drug traffickers. 

2. Watermelons

Customs officers find 3000 pounds of marijuana disguised as watermelons


Just a couple weeks earlier, border officials at Pharr International Bridge intercepted 3,000 lbs. of cannabis that had been sculpted in the shape of watermelons and then sealed in a green stretchy material to camouflage them in a truckload of real watermelons.

3. Coconuts

On May 9, 2016, customs found 1,400 pounds of marijuana crammed into hollow coconuts. Guess where they found the illicit shipment.

4. Carrots

The Pharr International Bridge made headlines again in 2016 when border patrol busted a truckload of cannabis camouflaged with carrots. Smugglers wrapped 2,493 pounds of marijuana in orange plastic in hopes of fooling border guards. But the facility's imaging-inspection system saw through the ruse.

5. Tomatoes

Officers at the Pharr International Bridge really need to be commended for their hard work. They make their fifth appearance on our list thanks to a December 2015 bust in which officials discovered approximately $500,000 worth of marijuana hidden within fresh tomatoes. Little did the smugglers know that canine units are trained using tomatoes.

6. A foosball table

Produce isn't the only thing smugglers have tried to stash cannabis inside. In February of 2016, officers at New York's Lewiston Bridge discovered 55 pounds of cannabis tucked inside a foosball table.

7. A wishing well

Smugglers trying to sneak 123 pounds by border guards in Arizona took wishful thinking literally by stashing their supply in a wishing well.

h/t News Channel 9


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