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Former Talk Show Host Ricki Lake is Releasing a Pro-Marijuana Documentary

Ricki Lake may be best known for her popular 1990's daytime talk show, but she may find a second career in the cannabis industry.

Lake is releasing a documentary called Weed the People that focuses on families who use medical marijuana to help treat children with cancer. Lake's interest in cannabis began in 2011 when a fan whose child had Neurofibromatosis reached out to her after she appeared on Dancing With the Stars. Lake actually moved the girl into her own home to research alternative medicines before discovering CBD

While the film pushes back on several marijuana myths, it does somewhat controversially imply that cannabis use along with chemotherapy can help shrink or even eliminate tumors. This is a claim that's been made in the past, but there hasn't been much convincing research done on the topic to either support or refute it.

But perhaps Lake's involvement will help the marijuana cause. Her previous documentary, The Business of Being Born, examined childbirth methods and argued that the modern method of C-sections and costly hospital visits wasn't necessary. Since that documentary came out, home births have more than doubled in the United States and C-section rates have stopped increasing for the first time in decades. While this may not be entirely due to Lake's documentary, you have to imagine it may have helped.

Although we sort of wish she'd picked a better name for the movie.

(h/t Daily Beast)


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