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Rick Steves To Jeff Sessions: Go To Switzerland

Travel writer Rick Steves is best known for his documentary series ‘Rick Steves’ Europe’ and his public radio show ‘Travel with Rick Steves’. But he’s also an advocate for ending marijuana prohibition, currently holding a seat on NORML’s board of directors.

When we interviewed him last year, here’s what he told us about his path to cannabis advocacy: 

This is an important issue but people who agreed that it would be pragmatic and wise to stop the war on marijuana were afraid to speak out because it would hurt their business, or it would hurt their political prospects, or it would hurt their standing socially. And I'm unique in that I don't need to be elected and that I'm my own boss - nobody can fire me, and I'm not a publicly held company.

Now Steves is calling out Jeff Sessions. In a recent blog post, Steves says that "If Jeff Sessions would like to learn about smart drug policy, I’ll pay for his trip to Switzerland.” 

He then goes on to explain Switzerland’s progressive, harm reduction-based drug policy: 

When polls showed that more than 30 percent of Swiss people had used marijuana, the parliament decided to decriminalize the drug, rather than criminalize a third of its population. 

The whole piece is worth a read, especially if you’re currently the Attorney General of the United States.

Banner Image: Shutterstock / Mariia Golovianko


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