If you're hoping to have a toke while touring the Swiss Alps, then travel writer Rick Steves has got some good and some bad news for you. It's legal to buy and smoke marijuana in Switzerland, but the kind sold by Swiss pot shops won't get you high.

In Swiss cities like Bern, stores called hanfthekes ('hanf' meaning 'hemp') are allowed to operate legally as long as the strains they sell are super weak,. We're talking less than one percent THC. That's practically nothing compared to North American strains like Girl Scout Cookies, which boasts about 28 percent THC.

"You can smoke a ton of [a Swiss strain] and not get high because it's less than one percent THC, but it's got a lot of CBD and that's what gets you mellow," says Steves, who takes you on a tour of a hanftheke in this clip.