How One PBS Host Shut Down Legalization Doubters

Travel writer Rick Steves is internationally renowned for his travel guides of Europe. But the globetrotter is also a venturous proponent of cannabis legalization. Steves - who is a member of the board of directors for NORML - campaigned for legalization in Washington state in 2012 and Oregon in 2014.

And he plans to court cannabis voters this fall in Massachusetts, which will be voting on legalizing recreational marijuana use Nov. 8.

On Feb. 20, Steves sparked a lively discussion about marijuana on Facebook by posting the following status:

I'm a hardworking, tax-paying, kid-raising, church-going citizen of the United States. And if I work hard all day long and want to go home, smoke a joint, and just stare at the fireplace for three hours — that is my civil liberty.

And Steves actually sat by and responded to many responses from fans. Here are the 10 best exchanges.

1. Cannabis use is not a crime

2. It's a civil liberties issue

3. Prohibition is doing more harm than good

4. Preaching against prohibition

5. Dangers of prohibition

6. Righting historical wrongs

7. War on Drugs is racist

8. High is another travel destination

9. A new slogan for Clinton?

10. The big picture

For the full list of exchanges between Steves and his readers, click here.

h/t Mass Live


The conversation surrounding cannabis edibles continues to be dominated by fears over overdosing. You’ll often hear horror stories about people eating too much and then having a terrible, sometimes nightmarish experience. And yet, edibles remain an extremely popular method of consuming cannabis.

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