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The Best Marijuana Moments From 'The Rick Mercer Report'

Earlier this week, comedian and political commentator Rick Mercer announced that he was ending 'The Rick Mercer Report' after 15 seasons of lampooning Canadian politics, exploring every corner of The Great White North, and ranting about everything from political attack ads to winter driving.

So in honor of the longstanding CBC show's last season, here's a look back at some of Mercer's best marijuana moments over the years. 

1. Ontario: A Place to Grow...Pot

Long before the federal government even considered repealing cannabis prohibition, Rick Mercer gave the legalization movement a boost with an ad touting Ontario's potential as a marijuana grower. And the clip from 2004 even came with a few new slogan's for Canada's most populous province, like, 'Ontario: We're Holding' and 'Ontario...What Was I Saying?' 


2. Home Hash-ware

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced plans to move forward with legalizing recreational cannabis use back in 2015, commentators began wondering where Canada's legal weed would be sold. So Mercer mocked up what the retail market would look if Home Hardware got to sell cannabis and paraphernalia — like a double-bowled bong with a built in level to make sure you're inhaling at the optimum angle.


3. Making Drugstores Pot-Friendly

Mercer also offered some free advice to Shoppers Drug Mart when news broke that Canada's largest pharmacy chain wanted a stake in the medical marijuana market. The first thing they have to do, Mercer said, is work on the store decor because "no one who is high can handle the lighting at Shoppers."  


4. Colorado's State of Emergency

The biggest problem with cannabis legalization is the possibility of suffocating under heaps and heaps of tax revenue, according to this RMR sketch from 2015.


5. Pierre Berton's Joint Rolling Tutorial

The late Pierre Berton was an eminent historian, distinguished journalist, a recipient of the Order of Canada, and an OG cannabis connoisseur. So when 'The Rick Mercer Report' needed someone to teach viewers how to roll a joint right, they asked Berton to show 'em how it's done in a classic piece of cannabis Canadiana.

"I prefer the classic cone joint — what the kids call a 'coner,'" he said while rolling a spliff atop the cover of his final book, Prisoners of the North (2004). And yes, this is the real Pierre Berton appearing in a sketch that aired just six weeks before he passed away. 



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