Review: Drink Your Terps with Herban Tribe's Sour Diesel Lemonade

Infusing cannabis into beverages is still a hit-or-miss proposition. At times, it may only result in a beverage that has none of the virtues of your favorite smokable strains, and only the merest whiff of their signature terpenes.

Herban Tribe, however, knocked this combination out of the park with their Sour Diesel Lemonade that is more than the sum of its puffable, sippable parts.

The lemonade is bright and tart without being too sweet, and is suffused with the resinous, sour, and unmistakably skunky taste of fresh Sour Diesel flower. It’s extremely drinkable, and the taste of the terpenes balanced by the fresh fruit is unlike anything you’ve had before, except for maybe a really good, hoppy radler. In fact, with 50 milligrams of “extremely bioavailable THC,” as Herban advertises, this lemonade certainly packs more of a wallop than a radler, or even those fishbowl-size margaritas at your favorite taco joint.

If you’re a hardened pro who has no problem downing 50 milligrams in a go, more power to you. For mere mortals, however, the oomph that Herban packs in its brew gives you a prime opportunity to experiment with cannabis cocktails, using Sour Diesel Lemonade as a potent mixer or as an equal to the booze. The possibilities for playing with the flavors of tequila, mezcal, or even Scotch are endless, not to mention more neutral spirits that would let the terpenes take center stage.

With a hefty dose of THC, a complex and dangerously drinkable flavor profile, and on-the-go packaging, Herban Tribe has really outdone themselves on a new way of enjoying edible cannabis. You might even find yourself craving Herban’s Sour Diesel Lemonade over smokable strains like Electric Lemonade.


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