Retiring Congressman Says He Wants to Try Marijuana Regardless of Legal Status in His State

It's not uncommon for retiring politicians to come out and support a cause they opposed for many years while in office, such as marijuana legalization. However it is a little weirder when a retiring politician says he's planning on getting stoned.

Pennsylvania Democratic Representative Bob Brady is retiring from Congress next month and will return to private life. And apparently, he's planning to get stoned after he does so. Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Claudia Vargas says she was interviewing Brady about leaving Congress, when he said he was interested in trying marijuana for the first time in his life.

Recreational marijuana is not legal in Brady's home state of Pennsylvania, although it is legal medicinally. Recently Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said he was interested in legalizing recreational cannabis, a cause that it seems Brady would support.

Brady has a lukewarm relationship to marijuana during his tenure in Congress. Brady did consistently vote in favor of marijuana reform bills and amendments, however he never really led the charge on the issue and only cosponsored one pro-marijuana bill during his 20 year tenure in Congress.

However, that's still better than John Boehner who prevented marijuana reform while Speaker of the House, only to join the board of a medical marijuana company after leaving office.

(h/t The Hill)


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