Don't Check Your Phone In The Middle Of The Night - Get Some Sleep Instead

Does every morning feel more like a groggy extension of the night before, rather than a fresh new start?  

A new study from Deloitte suggests the solution is to quit checking your phone so often before, after and even during bedtime.   

Deloitte surveyed the behaviors of more than 4,000 smart phone users and found that one third of adults check their phones when they wake up at night, along with nearly half of people under the age of 35.

The study also found that one in 10 people check text messages in the middle of the night (or one in five for those under the age of 35), 10 percent check their phone the moment they wake up and a third of people do so within five minutes. More than a quarter of people look at their phones within five minutes of going to bed.

These kinds of constant screen habits can seriously impact a good night’s sleep, say the researchers.

"Exposure to light, including that from a screen just before going to sleep, can confuse the brain into thinking it is still daytime, and inhibit the process of falling asleep," the study reads.  

While it’s recommended that people keep their eyes off their screens for a full hour before bed, Deloitte found that less than 25 percent actually follow this suggestion.

Checking Phone In Middle Of The Night

If you’re serious about changing your habits for the better, the researchers recommend placing your phone out of arm's reach before hitting the sack. Another option to download an app that measures your screen time or rewards you for steering clear during certain hours.

If you really need to refresh your email at 2 a.m. for that message from your boss (trust us, you don’t) researchers recommend choosing a red- or orange-tinted screen over a blue one, as this can be less disruptive to rest; features like Night Shift on Apple iOS 9.3 or Twilight for Android can hook you up.

Better yet, just exercise some willpower and opt for counting sheep over swiping right at 3 a.m. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

h/t Fortune.


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