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Republicans Running for Office in 2018 Want Trump to Stay Away From Their Campaigns

President Donald Trump has often tweeted about how successful Republicans will be in the midterm elections next November, and this past weekend said he plans to be very involved in helping GOPers get elected next fall. But apparently the Republicans would prefer the president to stay home.

Several prominent Republicans told Buzzfeed that they believe Trump's involvement in their campaigns next November would hurt their chances of election. According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump's approval ratings in polls is around 39.3 percent right now, while his disapproval ratings are at 54.5 percent. In fact, the president's approval ratings have been under 40 percent since last May. So it's no wonder many Republicans would hope he stays home.

"Each district is different, and probably in mine [Trump's presence] probably wouldn’t be helpful," said Colorado Republican Rep. Mike Coffman, who is being targeted by Democrats as a possible seat to win. "Right now I don’t think it would be helpful. I don’t know what the future’s gonna be, I mean, who knows what it’s gonna be, six months from now whether it would be helpful or not. Certainly today it would not be. I mean, right now it would not be helpful."

Democrats need to win 24 more seats in the House to take control of the majority next November, which is a pretty mighty task. But Republicans won 63 seats in 2010 in the first midterm elections of the Obama administration, so it's not unprecedented. And there are 23 districts represented by Republicans that were won by Hillary Clinton last November, all of which could be in play. They also need to win two Senate seats to take the majority in that branch as well. 

Republicans are already preparing to sideline the president. Over the weekend, GOP leadership presented several options to the president for participation in this year's elections. The most likely scenario is Trump would not campaign across the country for a large number of candidates, but would make appearances in a few key districts where his popularity is higher than it is nationally.

Of course, Trump also loves to do whatever the heck he wants, so Republicans may have to accept his help whether they want it or not.

(h/t Buzzfeed)


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